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About Clayton Energy

Clayton Energy is a full service energy supplier and consultant for municipal utilities.

A Commitment to Our Clients and the Industry

Our overriding mission is to serve our customers' requirements and foster a win-win relationship. Clayton Energy prides itself on customer satisfaction and long-term relationships. In fact, we have never lost a customer.

Our goal is to comprehensively understand the customer's needs and respond with innovative programs and solutions. We are uniquely positioned to leverage our resources and supplier relationships for the benefit of our customers. Our ability to build these strong alliances has been instrumental to our growth and success.

In short, we truly appreciate our customers, our partners—our friends. We guarantee that your experience with Clayton Energy will be just as rewarding.

History of Clayton Energy

In the summer of 1993, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC), which is the governing body for all interstate pipelines in the United States, issued order "636, requiring all interstate pipelines to convert all sales services to transportation services only. With this new order, municipal utilities needed special attention to be able to operate in this new environment. Each utility could no longer use the pipeline for any supply and had to contract their new supply from various producers. Utilities didn't have the 'in-house' expertise to manage their business in the new environment, thus Clayton Energy was formed by Bill Lindley in August of 1993.

Bill has more than eighteen years experience in the natural gas industry. He has worked in all segments of the industry from the "wellhead" to the "burner tip". Bill's experience has enabled him to successfully supply gas to municipalities throughout the region.

Today, the Clayton Energy team serves over 35 communities in the upper Midwest region, and continues to grow its Member Network each year as new communities recognize the value of our cooperative program and "strength in numbers". Our plan is to double our business in the next five years through expertise, efficiency, and the strength of our expanding partnerships.

Clayton Energy Five Year Plan

As Clayton Energy continues to expand, we look ahead to continued growth and an aggressive five-year plan to achieve that growth for the benefit of our client network. By 2012 we will seek to:



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