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More than a Supplier — Your Energy Partner

Clayton Energy is a full service energy supplier and consultant for municipal utilities.

Clayton Energy provides complete energy services, from production to market. Included among our wide array of energy management and consulting services for pipeline gas are:

Clayton Energy also offers accounting, risk management, gas storage, capacity management, monthly PGAs, educational training, regulatory issues and much more. We offer targeted energy management services and expert consulting based on a foundation of industry expertise, personalized service and a continuing commitment to helping our customers succeed. At Clayton Energy, we build success one relationship at a time.

By virtue of Clayton Energy’s industry experience and unique market positioning, we are able to understand our customers’ energy needs. Whether for a municipality or large industrial plant,  we leverage our resources and supplier relationships in order to meet client needs with unmatched efficiency. Clayton Energy’s Member Network forms a powerful purchasing pool, providing strength in numbers enabling stable long-term pricing, predictable supply, reduced penalties through aggregating, and much more. We’ve built dozens of profitable relationships on this simple philosophy: that we are not just a supplier but an energy partner. We believe it, and we live by it—after seventeen years of operation, Clayton Energy still serves every customer who has joined our member network.


Clayton Energy • Wahoo, Nebraska • (402) 443-1500 • [email protected]
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