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Clayton Services "Behind the City Gate"

Clayton Energy takes an active role in its member communities, continuously seeking new avenues of growth and efficiency for member communities.


At Clayton Energy, we know our members wear a lot of hats, weighing many municipal duties in addition to managing energy. We found a way to help our members reduce their workload by adding a Purchase Gas Adjustment (PGA) service. We know the WACOGS for the gas we buy, so it is logical for us to also calculate the PGAs for those clients who can benefit from it.

Our team spends much of its time researching industry trends, reading daily industry reports, following the futures market, attending meteorology seminars, and communication with suppliers. We enjoy bringing this information to our members by phone, or by way of our online Member Network. We even attend council meetings, supporting our members in the role of industry expert.

In addition to providing industry information and support, we are very involved in exciting new developments with many of our members' communities. We are currently working on a new industrial park that will more than triple the load for one of our customers. We are also helping one member with a new bio diesel plant. We are helping one member community expand its pipeline system to accommodate more growth. In short, we know what it means to be part of a growing small community--we grow as our members grow.

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